Osceola Turkey Hunts

Many hunters think ONLY one thing when they think Florida -- the Osceola turkey.  

Florida Outdoor Experience specializes in Osceola turkey hunts, considered by many to be the hardest hunt of the elusive Grand Slam. Our guides have years of experience chasing Toms and spend countless hours afield scouting every season.  Florida Outdoor Experience takes a low number of birds off their properties, harvesting only mature gobblers, giving hunters the chance to encounter multiple long beards. Drummond Pond, like many of our farms, has a year-round feed program and food plots specifically planted for turkeys, which keep them roosting on our properties all year.  Our feed program, combined with controlled burns, habitat management, and keeping predator numbers low, has caused our turkey population to explode over the past 10 years.

2019 Spring Turkey Dates / Zone C

March 16th through April 21st, 2019.


The Osceola Wild Turkey

(AKA: The Florida Turkey) was named after the famous Seminole Indian, Chief Osceola, in 1890 and can only be found on the Florida peninsula. It is smaller and darker than it's close relative the Eastern Wild Turkey, with less barring in its wing feathers. The Osceola is characterized by dark brown tail feather tips and iridescent red, green and bronze body feathers. Gobblers can grow to three-and-a-half feet tall and weigh as much as 25 pounds; with hens only weighing in the 8 to 15 pound range. It is estimated that 80,000 to 100,000 of these birds live throughout Florida; primarily in flat pine woods, scrub patches of palmettos and swampy areas.  Their diet ranges from blackberries to acorns and grasshoppers to small amphibians. The Florida Turkey is a prize trophy among hunters due to its challenging nature and small area of distribution; it is  considered by many the hardest bird of the Turkey Grand Slam.

Florida Outdoor Experiences offers a three-day Turkey Package, consisting of three morning hunts and three afternoon hunts.  It includes first-class meals and lodging at The Farmhouse at Rocky Hammock Preserve, your own professional guide and one Osceola Turkey .  While there are no guarantees in turkey hunting, we have had an incredible success rate giving hunters the opportunity to harvest a mature Osceola on our farms!

Florida Outdoor Experience conducts all it's Osceola Turkey hunts in Levy County, which make birds eligible to be registered with the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF).  We have a total of five farms that consist of pine plantations, prairies, oak hammocks, palmetto flats, and pastures which are prime habitat for long bearded gobblers. We have year round water, 100 acres in food plots, and a turkey management plan in place that not only promotes population,  but keeps them on our properties. This prime environment ensures our clients multiple encounters with trophy birds! 

Florida Outdoor Experience hunters arrive at Rocky Hammock Preserve on Thursdays, in time to unpack, sight-in, share some stories and relax on the breezeway before a delicious, home cooked meal. We book four hunters at The Farmhouse per three-day hunt and all hunters will have a personal guide. Our Pro-Staff members are excellent callers and know the ins and outs of all our properties and what it takes to get a Tom on the ground. In the State of Florida, turkey hunting hours are from one half hour before sunrise until sunset. The schedule allows for a morning hunt, a break for lunch, and an afternoon hunt each day. Making for an action-packed day of turkey hunting.