From the moment you drive in the gates, you will recognize that we value and care for our land. Food plots, prescribed burns, habitat enhancement, supplemental feeding, mineral sites, and predator control are all parts of our game-management program.  We take great pride in all our properties and provide a quality habitat for prize turkeys and deer.  Many of our bucks have scored over the Florida Buck Registry minimum of 100 inches; and our owner Gray Drummond harvested the 16th largest Osceola on one of our farms.  Come see Florida the way it's meant to be.

True. Wild. Florida.


As an outfitter Florida Outdoor Experience has a particular philosophy at all their farms preserve: keep pressure low, hunts limited and harvest only mature, trophy animals.  Florida Outdoor Experience offers 100% fair-chase hunts for Osceola and Eastern Turkey, Whitetail deer, wild hogs and alligators. All of our hunts are professionally guided and we will make every effort to find you the animal trophy of your dreams.  Hunts are conducted from safe, comfortable tower blinds, ladder stands, ground blinds and lock-ons that are located in well-scouted areas.  Rifle, muzzleloader, handgun and archery hunters are all welcome at all our properties.

Between the multiple properties we are fortunate with a combination of oak hammocks, pine stands and prairie landscapes that offers great diversity in habitat, managed specifically for Whitetail deer and Osceola turkeys. Florida Outdoor Experience has a full-time farm manager who maintains and manages the wildlife on all properties. Years of sound management techniques have created quality game and habitat improvements as well as an increase in browsing, bedding and nesting areas, and nutrition for the wildlife at Drummond Pond. Additionally, a limited number of hunts are booked each season on Florida Outdoor Experience's properties, giving hunters high-success rates and the opportunity of harvesting quality game. 

We offer a number of different types of adventures, customize your entire experience depending on everything you want to do.